Obstetrics and gynecology clinic.

This rebrand project took place in 2013. The clinic had been open to the public for something close to 27 years, and had become one of the best known specialised clinics in Bogotá Colombia. 

The brand they had been using as their face to the users, was nothing more than a logo the founders (who were all medics) drew in their spare time. This never appeared to be a problem, until they started trying to rise the value users perceived in the service. The place never looked sharp and edgy enough, the communications weren't homogeneous or shocking enough, and they had also experienced problems trying to diversify their product branch adding new services which required a brand to be developed.

That's where we came in, gave the clinic a new face, gave the office a new face, and developed the first sub-brand that needed to be developed for one of their services, BE (or Baby Experts).

 This was their original logo. 

This was their original logo. 

We decided to keep the structure and the color palette as close as we could to the original so we wouldn't affect the remembrance of the brand among their users. so we proposed these options.

 from which they picked the one we left in color (the others are in grey only to show they were not picked).

from which they picked the one we left in color (the others are in grey only to show they were not picked).

After the logo approval, we went on and designed all the stationery and other stuff they needed before we started with the next step, building a sub-brand for a new service they had called Baby Experts.

Baby Experts

Sub Brand developed for O&G.

This sub brand was oriented to higher end clients of the clinic, who were often looking for an integral experience following through the process of pregnancy (everything from before even pregnancy even happened, to after the baby is born). This is Baby Experts (B.e).

Developed by Imaginamos Branding 2013

Jean Paul Egred / Creative and art direction, Product owner.

Nanny Ayala / Coordinator

Alejandro Delgado/ Lead Design

Pablo Benavides / Design

Julian David Serrano / Design