Mike Bahía

Mike is an emerging pop artist from Colombia, whom we've been working with from the beginning of his musical career. We've worked in different projects, from his previous bands like Capzula, to his solo project Mike Bahía. Here's a bit of the work we've done throughout the years, not only as a client, but as a creative team, since he's always been involved in the creative process.

The Mike Bahía project has been possible thanks to a lot of teamwork involving a lot of people, including Camilo Paredes and Armando Mesías from Vrasil Studio

Hellen (Custom guitar design)

This is a bit of the process we went through to design Hellen, Mike Bahía's personal instrument.


Music video for the song Buscándote. included logo design and lettering by Juan David Rodriguez and Jean Paul Egred.

Cover artworks.

Various cover artworks for different singles by Mike Bahía.

Lyric Video for ''Tarde''