Desnudos en Coma (Naked in a Coma).

The story behind BIRDS

Pulling a crew together only with a common objective and a boatload of heart is something that rarely happens. This is the story behind BIRDS, a project that was built from scratch by a band,and a team bound by passion and the desire of making something they wanted to do since they were kids. making music and art, and taking it to the people. no intermediaries, no financing, no problem.

This EP was entirely made by the BIRDS crew, from the music recording, visual identity, merchandising, tour organisation, social media strategies, and anything else necessary to get the music moving. these are some images of that moment, and the pieces developed for the band by Jean Paul, who was playing the guitar for the band back then.


 Desnudos en Coma live at CALIBRE fest 2013

Desnudos en Coma live at CALIBRE fest 2013

Packaging design for the BIRDS EP.

the packaging was entirely designed and produced by the team. it didn't only include the music in an old vinyl looking CD, but also a double sided poster telling the story behind every song, a set of stickers, a custom pick with the band logo, all bundled up in a raw cardboard package, numbered and signed by every band member (signing them all was a huge pain in the ass).

Merch, Social media, and other band identity pieces

The band strategy for moving all the music didn't only include digital layouts for social media, and a website, but also merchandising, and poster designs for the tour dates, among other stuff. here's a bit of all. 

The band worked for over a year along with the BIRDS team to get everything done, and then toured and played for almost another year with this material.

Today the band still plays and goes by the ''do it your self'' moto. now, not only does the band record and produce everything they require to move their music, but also founded a studio called Black Manthra, and now support other emerging bands to achieve the goal of getting their music out there. 

Special thanks to all the BIRDS crew for making all this happen.

Sebastian Perez, David Rincón Ballotelli, Victor Gamboa, Johnny Leyton, Alejandra Villafañe, Daniel Casas, Esteban Parra, Giancarlo '' Mucho Gusto'', and  every other musician involved that was not mentioned here.